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James Pixton, Divorce Attorney
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Hi. I’m James Pixton. I’m a family law attorney here in Alameda, California. Being a family law lawyer means that I help people start their lives over by ending their marriages through divorce. I also help people straighten out their money and property situation with their ex-spouses through property division. One of the most important things I do is to help my clients settle on child support and a parenting schedule with their ex-spouses so they can be the best parents they can possibly be.

Divorce is a tough experience for most people. A big part of my job as an Alameda divorce attorney is to help my clients get through the process with as little stress as possible.

I bet you have a lot of questions about the divorce process. Most people do. And I also bet you haven’t arrived lightly at the decision to divorce. If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve tried everything you could think of to save your marriage. You hay have done the counseling. You may have tried separation. You may have also done the fighting and the arguing. None of it worked, especially that part. It’s tough to admit, but sometimes marriage doesn’t work and divorce is the best solution to a tough problem.

Make an appointment and come see me. My phone number is (510) 451-6200 x101. That’s my direct line. When you come to my office on Oak Street in Alameda, we’ll talk about the divorce process, what you can expect and what you should or should not worry about. You will leave with a solid idea about your options.

Here’s my contact information:
James A. Pixton, Famly Law Attorney

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1516 Oak Street, Suite 315
Alameda, CA  94501

Phone: (510) 451-6200
Fax: (510) 521-8849
Email: james@pixlaw.com

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PO Box 2820
Alameda, CA  94501

Give me a call! The number again is (510) 451-6200 x101.

Don’t put it off. Your new life begins today!